Accessibility: designing for ALL

Catherine Lou,
September 21 2015

Accessibility is a top concern at TELUS Digital. It’s one of our guiding principles and part of our digital standards. At the heart of it, designing with accessibility in mind means designing for all people. In other words, inclusive design. As a UX designer, I work closely with a cross-disciplinary team to ensure that the […] Continue reading …

A day in the life of a product owner

Scott Gibson, TELUS Team
September 1 2015

At TELUS, everything we do is about making things better for our customers. As a product owner on our online commerce platform, my main goal is to make our website as easy to use as possible during the buying process. With great power comes great responsibility. Ben Parker, Spider-man I work closely with an incredible […] Continue reading …

TELUS digital jam

Loretta Yang, TELUS Team
August 20 2015

It’s safe to say that TELUS digital isn’t any ordinary workplace. There are nerf guns scattered in the hallways; post-it notes are plastered on every wall; teams are entirely cross-functional; and in true start-up fashion, things happen – fast. Need proof? Within just 24 months, the team has grown from 80 people to over 200 […] Continue reading …