Building “loveable” solutions

Chris Meddows-Taylor, TELUS Team
March 20 2015

In my current role as a Product Owner, I am tasked with ensuring that our team’s solutions satisfy the needs of our customers.  The agile, change-driven approach we use gives us the flexibility to make iterative improvements to our solutions on a regular basis.  However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t perform careful analysis and […] Continue reading …

This is the start of a beautiful friendship

Veronica Van, TELUS Team
March 2 2015

I joined TELUS digital about three months ago, and it has been a whirlwind experience immersing myself in this team’s culture. It’s like nothing I have ever seen before and, frankly, the team embraced me as if I had been here from the beginning. Keep that in mind as you continue reading, because we really […] Continue reading …

Kick off the New Year with a one day free learn to code event!

Winnie Chow, TELUS Team
January 20 2015

In one of our recent posts we spoke about how giving back is a big part of our team’s culture. I want to spend some time to tell you more about our partnership with The HTML500. What is The HTML500? The HTML500 is a free, one-day HTML and CSS crash course. Taking place in Vancouver, […] Continue reading …