Hold your breath ‘ta da’ to everyday ‘ah ha’s’: Continuous delivery and how to make releases boring

Marysol Elorriaga, TELUS Team
August 18 2014

It’s been over a year that we embraced Lean methodology as our core working philosophy: the idea of a more customer-oriented site with a fail-fast setting to prevent projects from burning up resources unnecessarily. However, I still remember the days of long night releases, weeks and weeks of fixing defects, creating long lists of business […] Continue reading …

Putting our customers first on business.telus.com

Lisa Mack, TELUS Team
July 29 2014

I joined the TELUS team at the beginning of 2014, with the mandate of helping to improve our business customers’ experience when visiting our website. One of the key reasons I came to TELUS was because of the strong culture and value we place on putting our customers at the core of everything we do. […] Continue reading …

Just call us “The Hackers”

Tony Bitzionis, TELUS Team
July 10 2014

Three months ago, we were television editors, business analysts and construction workers – none of us knew how to write code. Now, just a few weeks after graduating from an intensive nine-week web development bootcamp at HackerYou, we’re working here at TELUS, in a fantastic environment and as part of a great team. What’s especially […] Continue reading …