Just call us “The Hackers”

Tony Bitzionis,
July 10 2014

Three months ago, we were television editors, business analysts and construction workers – none of us knew how to write code. Now, just a few weeks after graduating from an intensive nine-week web development bootcamp at HackerYou, we’re working here at TELUS, in a fantastic environment and as part of a great team. What’s especially […] Continue reading …

Web accessibility – Why does it matter?

Diana Ewing,
May 20 2014

We’ve been working hard to redesign the new telus.com, to create an intuitive experience and ensure the site’s content is simple and easy to understand. Traffic is high and still climbing but now, how do we ensure everyone is able to navigate and interact with telus.com? Not everyone experiences websites in the same way. Browsing […] Continue reading …

The long & winding road to succinct copy

Siobhan Kelly, TELUS Team
April 29 2014

Writing for responsive design and a mobile-first strategy Ever used your phone to search a site and have to fiddle around with sizing? Pinch the screen to shrink it to see the whole page, swipe to the section you want and enlarge, only to lose your place? It’s annoying, and a waste of your time. […] Continue reading …