Business case: disrupting Telecom with GraphQL

February 21, 2018

Our team at TELUS Digital partnered with OK GROW to present an enterprise business case for GraphQL. Our Principal Integration Architect, Alexander Flanagan, spoke to a crowd at the TELUS Digital space in Toronto about GraphQL from a TELUS perspective.

Watch the talk below:

Why would a telecom consider GraphQL? At TELUS Digital, we believe that GraphQL will enable our team members to drive change easily and pivot to meet our customers’ needs in the future.

Attract more customers with better software

You’ll see Alexander Flanagan chat about:

  • A basic introduction to enterprise application architecture

  • What is GraphQL?

  • What graph are we querying?

  • What business problem does GraphQL solve?

  • Do you need to install a graph database for this to work?

  • How do you talk to management about GraphQL? 

The other half of the presentation is given by Evgeny Li, who talks about Universe’s journey to GraphQL

A quick aside on terminology:

SQL => “Sequel” (more syllable-efficient)

GraphQL =>

“Graph” (one syllable!)

“GQL” (faster to write!)

“Gee-quel” (sub-optimal compromise)

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Alexander Flanagan

Alex is the Senior Technical Product Owner for the TELUS Digital API Platform. He started building HTTP APIs for Electronic Arts in 2007. His graduate work includes Computer Science, Financial Accounting, and Film Production.